About Us

I’m “Kabir” a professional blogger and My friend “Munyem” is a doctor. We both are adventurous eaters who love to discover new foods. We’re always on the lookout for new and interesting foods to try, and we’re never afraid to experiment. Sometimes we get confused about what’s edible and what’s not, But that’s all part of the fun!

foodjustify is established based on some confusion about some food. We knew that we weren’t alone in our confusion, so we decided to create a website to help others who were also struggling with the confusion “can be eaten or not?”

Though we’re not experts, we’re passionate about helping others learn more about food and make better choices for their own health. We hope that our website will be a useful resource for people who are looking to improve their relationship with food.

It is really to make informed decisions. But honestly, we are trying our best.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Meet Our Team

Meet Fahim: The Food and Travel Enthusiast

Hey, I’m Fahim, and I’m all about food and travel. I’m on a mission to discover incredible dishes and food stories from around the world. From street food to fine dining, I’m exploring it all and sharing my adventures with you. Join me on this tasty journey as we dive into diverse flavors and cultures together. Get inspired to embark on your own foodie escapades with me as your guide!


Meet Kabir: Food Lover and Blog Owner

Hi, I’m Kabir, and I’m crazy about food! I’m the guy behind this food blog, and my whole deal is exploring the incredible world of flavors. From street food to fancy restaurants, I’m on a mission to taste it all, and I can’t wait to take you along for the ride. Together, we’ll uncover amazing dishes, learn about food cultures, and hopefully, get you inspired to try some new culinary adventures. So, stick around, and let’s eat our way through this tasty journey!

Meet Munyem: Doctor, Food Lover, and Fact Checker

Munyem is a doctor who’s passionate about food and ensures the accuracy of information on the blog. He combines his medical expertise with his love for food to provide you with reliable insights.